Kc Meyer

Kc Meyer, 20, is an undergraduate student at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is pursuing a degree in art history. Despite his calming presence and relaxed demeanor, Meyer is a driven artist with paintings strewn across every wall in his home. He sees Reno as the next great, American art hub and wants his roots firmly planted in the city when it happens.

Meyer seeks the creation of an art collective for Reno-based artists that will foster a welcoming community of local creators.


“Painting is a thing I got lost in when I was dealing with a bunch of bullshit high school drama. So through all of that – dealing with depression and drugs and everything – art was that one thing where I could get lost in my own head and make something. I don’t know man, I was doing a bunch of drugs in high school and [painting] was a cool escape. Nothing can ever touch me when I’m painting, and I can express whatever I want.”



“My high school art teacher challenged us everyday to draw for an hour. It could be trash too, like you could just draw a bunch of shit if you wanted. Through that, it might take a day or two, but you’re going to build something and be inspired by yourself. Something will click. Taking that time to keep drawing, even if you don’t want to, those ideas are still going to register with your brain later. If you’re not doing anything you’re not helping anyone.”



“My parents got pregnant with me within two weeks of them knowing each other, so they were fighting all the time when I was a teenager. On top of that I was just fucking shoveling all kinds of drugs in my mouth, like, it really didn’t matter what it was. Senior year I quit doing all of that, for the most part, and really started painting.”



“A lot of people in my family will just say something like, ‘that’s nice’. Like it’s just art, it’s nothing special. But that’s cool. I know where they’re coming from. My dad is very supportive, but he’s always been kind of artistic. He’s been taking photography classes, and he’s got his pictures hanging all over Carson City galleries. My little brother is killing it too, making ceramic pots. When I was in high school, though, I couldn’t draw a straight line. It had nothing to do with my genes, I just made the conscious decision to get good at art.”



“Aliens are cool as fuck, are you kidding me? They can be drawn any kind of way; aliens of light or maybe spooky, dark grey aliens. I love psychedelic art. I want to make art to look at, I guess, when I’m on a bunch of psychedelics.”



“This one is called A Broken Viewpoint. I think a lot of people in our world are raised with this kind of hateful social conditioning against people that look different from themselves. We’re humans and we are trained to hate people. We know it’s wrong, but at this point, it is what it is. It’s broken.”


in process

“I bought this book by Andrew Loomis called Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth. It was my fucking bible for like three years. I copied it cover to cover at least a dozen times, and it was a thick book too. Drawing people, it’s about training your brain to look at things differently, and it’s all practice. The first time you do anything you’re going to be shitty at it no matter what.”



“I finally woke up and said, ‘Well, fuck I have this so backwards right now.’ Drugs were becoming a normal thing and me painting wasn’t. I got things straightened out, and now I don’t feel addicted to anything. I’m three weeks without a cigarette and I’ve got all my classes for next semester paid for. I have a lot of dark and spooky art in storage because, well, it’s not very good and there’s just a lot of sadness behind it. I don’t need to look at it everyday, but maybe one day I’ll pull it out and they’ll inspire me for something new.”



“I want to inspire people to go create something, even if it isn’t painting. As long as it’s inspiration to go do something, that’s what I want from my art. The aliens, I mean they’re pretty spooky and weird, but they’re decorated with pretty mountains and really fucking intricate mandalas. This other [painting] I wanted to make her look like a girl, so I made the eye into a vagina. I want people to take the beauty away from my art and use it for their own projects.”



“When I’ve really grown up, I’ve been in Reno. Being here and a part of the local art community, I just continue to meet the coolest fucking people building and creating amazing things. Reno isn’t a recognized art hub or anything like that. I think it is becoming one, and I want to be here for that. I’ll be at UNR for awhile and maybe go for my Master’s here, but for now, my roots are in Reno, and I’m definitely looking to stir shit up.”