About Gabriel

11258065_1670442656518205_699335015_nStraight white male, 21, I am helplessly enamored with words, tall trees and the tide’s natural ebb and flow. I have lived in cabins, dormitories and boats. In each environment I’ve encountered somewhat of a karmatic reckoning and, in unforgiving conditions, my only solace was pen and paper. A glorious upbringing in the Great State of Alaska instilled in me a hungered appreciation for the land and sea that I so desperately depend on. Care-taking for nature is a duty that cuts across religion, it cuts across genders, colors and creeds. This and other thoughts are so difficult to communicate to other people, but on a page they drop like rain. I am a man of the Far North and these are my works toward a career in news reporting. I welcome your help.

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